Prototype designed by ZHAO Chuang
Stories written by YANG Yang

Who is Nemo the Seal?

Nemo the Seal comes from the familiar seal family. Seals comprise many different species. But they all look roughly the same, with a leopard-like face, hence their Chinese name “海豹” (literally sea leopard).

Nemo the Seal
Model Size / 15cm X 6.5cm X 6.5cm
Model Material / Environment-friendly PVC, hand painting
Model Structure / Solid Structure
Package Size / 20.1cm X 10.5cm X 10cm
Inside Package / Model + A3 Poster + Product Manual
Base / Yes

How did ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang create Nemo the Seal?

The Size of Nemo the Seal

Based on the research of seals, Nemo the Seal was set to 1.2 to 2 meters to scale down when we did reconstruction.

The Head of Nemo the Seal

The head of Nemo the Seal looks similar to that of a dog, especially the nose and mouth parts. Of course, it has some distinctive features. For example, the apex of its head lies at the back of the head, its eyes are positioned relatively close to the top, its eyeballs protrude outward, and its ears are tiny.

The Body of Nemo the Seal

Nemo the Seal has a chubby body with irregular spots distributed over its back. Its abdomen is light-colored, close to the flesh. Its limbs have specialized into flippers.

Learn while Play

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