Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus, a new friend joined the grand dinosaur family of the PNSO Prehistoric Animal Models series on 13th, May, 2022. Let’s get to know it with some details.

Prototype designed by: ZHAO Chuang
Stories written by: YANG Yang

Who is Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus?

Acrocanthosaurus is a genus of carcharodontosaurid dinosaur. In the star-studded family Carcharodontosauridae, there were many large carnivorous predators. They were all huge-sized and extremely powerful.

Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus

Model Size/32.5cm X 4cm X 10.5cm
Model Material/ Environment-friendly PVC, hand painting
Model Structure/Solid Structure
Package Size/35.5cm X 5.6cm X12.5cm
Inside Package/ Model + A3 Poster + Product Manual
Transparent Support/Yes

How did ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang create Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus?

The Size of Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus

According to the scientific research on the fossils, the model is set to 11 meters when we did reconstruction.

The Teeth of Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus

The teeth of Acrocanthosaurus were thin and sharp resembling those of sharks, but its teeth looked like longer and were numerous.

The Forelimbs of Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus

The forelimbs of Acrocanthosaurus could pull the prey closer to its body, and the sharp claws on its fingers could pierce their prey deeply .

The Back of Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus

Acrocanthosaurus had neural spines that grew from the neck to the front part of the tail, which might be used to store fat, control body temperature, or communicate with their peers.

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