In December 2022, the side story of the I Have A T. Rex series: The World of Guanguan, a science fairy tale work by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang, was officially published in Chinese. This is a book full of whimsical ideas. YANG Yang, a science writer for children, and ZHAO Chuang, a scientific artist, created an unconstrained and fantasy Guanguan’s world, allowing children to feel a different world while reading.

Guanguan’s mind always teems with fantastic ideas. She loves adventure and feels curious about everything unknown… In this book, what exciting stories would happen to Guanguan and her animal friends in Pleasant Land City?

Sometimes, she is naughty, “I made suitable shoes for each foot of the centipede, hoping that it can walk as fast as me after putting on them.”

Sometimes, she is caring, “I will hold an umbrella for the birds in the rain. Sometimes, I am busy showing my love but forget that I can also hide under the umbrella.”

Sometimes, she would also review her behavior, “I thought that snatching the fish from the pelican’s mouth would save the fish’s world, but have I ever thought about the pelican? They are not bullying the fish, but have a meal.”

She has many insights into this world, “I hope to play a song of my own life in my way, and don’t care whether you think it sounds good, because your opinion is not the standard by which I evaluate my life.”


Are you the same as Guanguan? Come and turn the page, welcome to the world of Guanguan!

The simplified Chinese version of The World of Guanguan has been authorized to Enjoy Reading Era and Qingdao Publishing House to publish and distribute. The audio and video programs of The World of Guanguan have been released on Ximalayas, Tiktok, etc. Season 2 to Season 5 of the I Have A T. Rex series will also be published soon. Please stay tuned, and we look forward to your interesting reading feedback!