In January 2023, PNSO Super Lift-the-Flap: Ancient Animals, a brand new series by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang, officially published in Chinese. Taking time as the axis, from the Permian to the Holocene, this book focuses on the two main types of land animals, reptiles and mammals, and presents the 299 million-year evolution of land life on Earth. In terms of design, the book adopts a unique long-fold-out page binding, which can be fully unfolded to form two complete pictures with a length of 4.8 meters. Rich and detailed popular scientific facts with 79 special-shaped flaps combined with the exquisite and accurate scientific restorations illustrated by the scientific artist ZHAO Chuang and the vivid and exciting language of the science writer for children, YANG Yang, which are scientific and artistic.

Inner pages of PNSO Super Lift-the-Flap: Ancient Animals

During the hundreds of millions of years of terrestrial animal evolution, different types of life, large and small, survived, reproduced, and prospered on land, and then declined and died out. Some species disappeared, and new species began to be born. The evolution of life has been advancing in such a cycle of birth and death until today. Following the track of time, PNSO Super Lift-the-Flap: Ancient Animals will lead readers to explore the mysteries of the evolution of land animals. With reverence and hope for life, let us turn the pages of the book and appreciate the glorious evolutionary history created by life on land!

All works in this series come from the research results of “Darwin: An Art Project of Life Science” of “PNSO’s Scientific Art Projects Plan: Stories on Earth.” Mr. ZHAO Chuang, PNSO’s scientific artist, strictly follows available scientific evidence throughout his creation, by building his artistic framework based on fossils and scientific data. He restored skeletons, models, and ecological environment from fossils, to make these both scientifically rigorous and artistically creative. Based on the latest dinosaur research, Ms. YANG Yang, the science writer for children, vividly introduces 79 mysterious ancient marine animals, such as Scutosaurus, Arboroharamiya, Percrocuta tungurensis, Australopithecus, Machairodus, Panthera spelaea, Archaeotherium, Yutyrannus and so on, which intuitively and elaborately presents the morphology of these ancient animals and takes you through a journey of scientific and artistic experience about ancient animals.

The simplified Chinese version of PNSO Super Lift-the-Flap: Ancient Animals has been authorized to Enjoy Reading Era and Qingdao Publishing House to publish and distribute. PNSO Super Lift-the-Flap: Ancient Marine Animals has been published, and PNSO Super Lift-the-Flap: Dinosaurs from the same series will release soon. Please stay tuned.