In October 2023, I Have a T. rex, a science fairy work by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang, officially released its fourth season: Heroic Dreams. This is a new sequel to the I Have a T. rex series. I Have a T. rex is a representative science fairy tale work of PNSO. This is a fairy tale about love, wisdom, and courage. It tells the touching friendship between a little girl Guanguan, who lives in the Pleasant Land City, and her unique pet, the T. rex, as well as their unforgettable growth experience. The vivid and exciting adventure stories narrated by YANG Yang, a science writer for children, together with the fascinating illustrations created by ZHAO Chuang, a scientific artist, built a wonderful fairy tale world for children, allowing them to enjoy adventures with Guanguan and the T. rex, and realize self-exploration and spiritual growth at the same time.

Book Covers of Season 4

Guanguan has always had a heroic dream in her heart. She wants to be a hero, a fearless hero like the Granny. But when she tried her best to destroy the Dragon City and subdued the crazy animals that escaped from the Dragon City, she was confused and terrified. The overly heavy halo brought a suffocating sense of oppression to her. She wanted to get rid of it, but was reluctant to set herself free. The vanity in her heart tied her down, and she didn’t know where to go.

With such complicated emotions, Guanguan faces greater challenges. Dragon City, which she thought had disappeared, suddenly appeared in the bookstore of her most respected brother Dazhi, and that illusory image was closely linked to the missing children from the Cloth Bag Home. How can this be? Brother Dazhi is clearly the one who fought with her and the Little T. rex, so why is he related to the evil disappearance? Guanguan doesn’t want to face such a situation, nor does she want to believe what she sees. However, more and more evidence pushes Brother Dazhi into the abyss of darkness. The trust rooted in her heart is facing collapse, and the most beautiful friendship is about to die. Can Guanguan handle all this rationally? She suddenly becomes cowardly and hesitant, completely different from the courageous Guanguan before. She doesn’t know what to believe or what to do. However, there is no retreat, they can only keep moving forward.

Inside Pages of Season 4

I Have a T. rex series consists of five seasons and a side story. The simplified Chinese version has been authorized to Enjoy Reading Era and Qingdao Publishing House to publish and distribute. Season 1: Growing Pains, Season 2: Journey in FantasySeason 3: One Mystery after AnotherSeason 4: Heroic Dreams and the side story The World of Guanguan have met the readers, Season 5: Forever Friends will be published soon. Please stay tuned, and we look forward to more interesting reading feedback from you!

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