Prototype designed by ZHAO Chuang
Stories written by YANG Yang

Who is Domingo the Carnotaurus?

Domingo the Carnotaurus is a typical mighty predatory dinosaur. It lived during the Late Cretaceous in a place today called Argentina in South America.

Domingo the Carnotaurus
Model Size / 23.5cm X 6cm X 11.5cm
Model Material / Environment-friendly PVC, hand painting
Model Structure / Solid Structure
Package Size / 27.3cm X 7.9cm X 14cm
Inside Package / Model + A3 Poster + Product Manual
Transparent Support / Yes

How did ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang create Domingo the Carnotaurus?

The Size of Domingo the Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus was a large carnivorous dinosaur. According to scientific research on the fossils, Domingo the Carnotaurus was set to 9 meters long to scale down when we reconstructed the scientific art model.

The Head of Domingo the Carnotaurus

Compared with its huge body, Domingo the Carnotaurus had a very small head, a tall head, a short face, and keratinous structures on its head. Its lower jaw was quite thin, its teeth were slender, and its bite force was powerful.

The Forelimbs of Domingo the Carnotaurus

The forelimbs of Domingo the Carnotaurus were very short, and its arms were so degenerate that they were almost fused with the wrists, so its forelimbs did not have elbow joints.

The Hindlimbs of Domingo the Carnotaurus

Although the forelimbs of Domingo the Carnotaurus were short, their hindlimbs were slender. It inherited the fine tradition of the Abelisauridae family and had incredible running speed.

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