In December, 2021, ten volumes of PNSO Dinosaur Stars Science Picture Book series, scientific art books by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang, officially published in Korean. As originally creative works of PNSO, the Korean version of PNSO Dinosaur Stars Science Picture Book series have been licensed to Korean Publishing House through the agent CA-LINK International to publish.

01 Survival Tricks/02 Secrets of Flying/03 Is Trying to Win a Mistake?/04 Gaining Weight/05 Tales of the Ancestors/ 06 Unusual Necks/07 Bewildering Colors/08 Mysterious Nights/09 Dazzling Crowns/10 Eating Wisely

All works in PNSO Dinosaur Stars Science Picture Book series come from the research results of “Darwin: An Art Project of Life Sciences” of “PNSO’s Scientific Art Projects Plan: Stories on Earth (2010-2070)”. This series takes 10 famous dinosaurs found in China as the main characters. The hand-painted cartoon images and scientific art reconstructions illustrated by ZHAO Chuang, a scientific artist, together with the easy-understanding and humorous stories wrote by YANG Yang, a science writer for children, narrate 10 strange and fascinating topics about dinosaurs.

“Why the fatty animals are not willing to loose weight? What do animals with long neck do with their long necks? How do animals usually sleep? What’s the secrets of flying? …..” All these strange questions, you can find the answers in PNSO Dinosaur Stars Science Picture Book series.

Meanwhile, this series of books are not only limited to the dinosaurs, but use the scientific thinking method of learning by analogy to expand an interesting topic horizontally and vertically, and compare it with children’s familiar daily life and animals, so that children can experience the fun of thinking and exploration in pleasant reading. This unique way of thinking will imperceptibly affect children and help them establish a unique way to look at things and solve problems in life more easily.

The simplified Chinese version of PNSO Dinosaur Stars Science Picture Book series have been published by Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House. The editor of the Chinese-edition highly recommends the books as this: “Through their rich knowledge and vigorous and lighthearted words, the author skillfully integrates natural science and life thinking into humorous and vivid science stories. Led by the dinosaurs with incredible anatomical images and distinctive personalities in the books, readers can not only understand the knowledge of dinosaurs, the natural laws of animal world and the mysteries of nature, but also gain the fun of thinking and exploration, the respect for life, the love of life, the infinite curiosity and the courage of unremitting exploration of the vast world.”