A new friend, Chuanchuan the Lingwulong joined the grand dinosaur family of the PNSO Prehistoric Animal Models series on July 10th, 2022. Let’s get to know it with some details.

Prototype designed by: ZHAO Chuang
Stories written by: YANG Yang

Who is Chuanchuan the Lingwulong?

Chuanchuan the Lingwulong comes from the sauropod group. Lingwulong was the first diplodocoid to be discovered in Asia and was also the oldest living diplodocoid ever discovered. It looked a lot like Diplodocus, the sauropod that lived in present-day North America in the Late Jurassic.

Chuanchuan the Lingwulong

Model Size/47.5cm X 5.5cm X 13.5cm
Model Material/ Environment-friendly PVC, hand painting
Model Structure/Solid Structure
Package Size/53.7cm X 10.7cm X 18.7cm
Inside Package/ Model + A3 Poster + Product Manual
Transparent Support/No

How did ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang create Chuanchuan the Lingwulong?

The Size of Chuanchuan the Lingwulong

According to the scientific research on the fossils, Lingwulong had a slender build and the model Chuanchuan the Lingwulong was set to 18 meters to scale down when we did reconstruction.

The Neck of Chuanchuan the Lingwulong

The neck of Lingwulong was very long, and the bones of the neck were forked when viewed from the front. Some scientists believed that on their back, such dinosaurs might have spikes, which might appear in pairs.

The Forelimbs of Chuanchuan the Lingwulong

The forelimbs of Chuang the Lingwulong were strong but shorter than the hind limbs. It had five fingers on its forelimb, but the fingers were not exposed or forked; they were wrapped in flesh. Its “thumb” was a sharp claw.

The Tail of Chuanchuan the Lingwulong

The tail of Chuanchuan the Lingwulong accounted for half of its body length. People have found spikes at the end of Lingwulong‘s tail, and the spikes may be lined from its back all the way to the tail. Like Diplodocus, Lingwulong‘s tail was very thin, like a whip. When it whipped the enemy with its tail, the spikes on its tail could cut the enemy.

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