In August, 2022, the new Season One of I Have A T. Rex, a science fairy tale by YANG Yang and ZHAO Chuang, was published by Enjoy Reading Era X Qingdao Publishing House. This edition of I Have A T.Rex was created and polished repeatedly by YANG Yang and ZHAO Chuang in the past ten years, and is the finalized version after several revisions.

The World of Guanguan and Little T. rex

In the world of I Have A T. Rex, YANG Yang, a science writer for children depicts a vivid and interesting adventure story, and together with the fascinating illustrations created by ZHAO Chuang, a scientific artist, they build a wonderful fairyland for children.

The 11-year-old cool girl Guanguan is not an obedient child in her mother’s eyes. She is a unusual girl, loves adventure, and hope to become a “great hero” that attracts the attention of the world. She’s confident and brave, honesty and perseverant. Sometimes, she is selfish, feels coward, loses her temper, and couldn’t help being jealous. She’s not perfect, but definitely unique. One day, Guanguan got an egg and had it hatched. Since then, this unique girl has the world’s unique little T. rex as a pet. Together, they explores in the Pleasant Land City, track down mystery cases, and rescues their friends. They trust each other, are full of love and courage, and while solving one problem after another, they reap precious friendship and growth.

Cover Pages of Season One: Growing Pains

Original Intention of Creation

The creation of I Have A T. Rex book series began in 2011. During a scientific expedition, the science writer for children, YANG Yang and the scientific artist ZHAO Chuang spent the night in the mountains of Guizhou. Sitting under the starry night sky, the image of a little girl suddenly appeared in YANG Yang’s mind. She’s cool, disobedient and independent. Later, YANG Yang saw a picture that ZHAO Chuang drew: a little girl with red hair, slightly slanted eyes, faint freckles, and the corners of her mouth curled in disdain. This is just the little girl in YANG Yang’s mind. YANG Yang named the girl “Guanguan” as a tribute to the ancient collection of Chinese classic poetry: Book of Songs. YANG Yang and ZHAO Chuang hope the young readers can go through the adventures with Guanguan and her little T. rex and realize their self exploration and spiritual growth.

Inner Pages of Season One: Growing Pain

Publishing History

In 2014, I Have A T. Rex was serialized in the magazine, with a circulation of more than 60,000 copies per volume;
In 2015, I Have A T. Rex book series originally published 1-6 volumes, with a circulation of more than 300,000 copies;
In 2016, I Have A T. Rex book series published 1-12 volumes, with a circulation of more than 1.2 million copies;
In 2015, I Have A T. Rex book series was awarded Outstanding Book of the Year by China Book List;
In 2019, I Have A T. Rex book series was amended and published. The original 12 volumes were integrated into the 6 volumes of Season One. Meanwhile, Season Two and Season Three with 6 volumes each were also published;
In 2019, I Have A T. Rex audio program released on Himalaya App with total plays more than 7500 million and was awarded the Outstanding Contribution of the Year by the Parent-child Business Department of Himalaya in 2021;
In 2020, I Have A T. Rex graphic videos released on Mi-TV and IPTV and many other video platforms and channels;
In 2022, I Have A T. Rex book series was finalized and published. Qingdao Publishing House will publish the five seasons successively, which are Season 1 Growing Pains, Season 2 Journey in Fantasy, Season 3 One Mystery after Another, Season 4 Heroic Dreams, and Season 5 Friends Forever. Meanwhile, the extra story The World of Guanguan will also meet the young readers who love Guanguan and little T. Rex in the near future.

Inner Pages of Season One: Growing Pains

Author Interview

Q: Why you’ve amended it several times and spent ten years completing the creation of I Have A T. Rex?

YANG: I Have A T. Rex, from the initial concept to the latest version that has been published in 2022, did take ten years. Why did it take so long to finish one book set?
First, I wrote this series in stops and starts. There are many stories in the five seasons, so it did take some time. The previously published versions only contained the first three seasons. This new edition amended the first three seasons and will also release the brand-new season four and season five.
Secondly, in the past ten years, I kept deliberating the world that was built in the stories of I Have A T. Rex, thinking about Guanguan, T. Rex, and other characters. They seem to have become friends in my life. Every time I went to schools all over the country to share the stories of I Have A T. Rex with children, I got new insights into their life in the stories and new understandings of each character.
Later, I Have A T. Rex released the audio program which was loved by many children. When listened to others talk about this story, I am also refreshed and inspired by the story I’ve created. I’ve been trying to include these new feelings and understandings into the books to make the characters fuller and the stories more vivid. So I amended the texts several times and hope to present better stories to the children.

Q: What does the fictional world of Pleasant Land City look like?

YANG: Pleasant Land City is the place where the story of I Have A T. Rex takes place. Guanguan and T. Rex live there. It is a land full of magic, including both the ordinary Pleasant Land City on the land and the fantastic Island Pleasant Land City in the deep sea.
These two “cities” are portraits of reality and dreams, bearing the hopes of Guanguan and T. Rex. The adventure stories of Guanguan and T. Rex are constantly staged in the Pleasant Land City, and various people living there keep appearing in their lives.
This is not a perfect fairy tale world, just like the imperfect life of Guanguan and T. Rex. But it is a place full of hope, just like Guanguan and T-Rex know that no matter what hardships they will experience, they are moving towards to the next beautiful stop.