In November 2023, I Have a T. Rex, a science fairy work by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang, officially released its fifth season: Forever Friends. This new sequel is the final season of this series.

The story finally comes to an end. This time, Guan-guan still had to face many dangers. She again met evil and dangerous people, was trapped in the terrifying Solmon Land, and returned to the scary Dragon City. But she’s not just with the T. Rex but all her friends. When Guan-guan put down her defenses and was ready to truly understand her friends, she seemed to have regained her true self. She discovered that she longed not to be a hero but to pursue the truth and persevere in justice. Therefore, Guan-guan no longer hesitated or flinched when the greatest danger came. Ultimately, Guan-guan and T. Rex recaptured the Time Stone with everyone’s help and saved the Pleasant Land City, Pleasant Island City, and Dinosaur Valley. Everything seems to have a conclusion, and life has returned to its former peace. But Guan-guan and her beloved T. Rex are planning for their next adventure!

Words On Creation from YANG Yang the Author:

It has been ten years since the science fairy I Have a T. Rex was conceived until the final season’s release. This fairy tale has two protagonists, a little girl named Guan-guan and her pet T. Rex. They live in a place called Pleasant Land City. Pleasant Land City is a place full of hope, including both the ordinary Pleasant Land City on the land and the fantastic Pleasant Island City in the deep sea. In fact, these two “cities” are portraits of reality and dreams, bearing the hopes of Guan-guan and T. Rex. The adventure stories of Guan-guan and T. Rex are constantly staged in these two cities, and various people living there keep appearing in their lives. This is not a perfect fairy tale world, just like the imperfect life of Guan-guan and T. Rex. But it is a place full of hope, just like Guan-guan and T. Rex know that no matter what hardships they will experience, they are moving towards the next beautiful stop.

The I Have a T. Rex series is a tribute to traditional Chinese literature by Mr. Zhao Chuang and me. The protagonist’s name, Guan-guan, is taken from “The Book of Songs – Zhou Nan – Guan Ju,” and the name of the Pleasant Land City where she lives also comes from “The Book of Songs-Wei Feng-Guo Feng.” Chinese literature has maintained the tradition of “writing for practicality,” “writing for knowledge,” and “writing for beauty” since ancient times. Writers hope to explain real problems and broaden people’s multi-dimensional understanding of the world through the artistic form of literary works, thereby enriching the human spiritual world.

I Have a T. Rex also continues the tradition of Chinese literature, adopting storytelling to present the problems children encounter during their growth. The potential kindness, courage, and wisdom in the characters’ hearts presented in the books illustrate their various growth path.

I Have a T. Rex series, initially created by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang, is a representative science fairy tale work of PNSO. This is a fairy tale about love, wisdom, and courage. It tells the touching friendship between a little girl Guan-guan, living in the Pleasant Land City, and her unique pet, the T. Rex, as well as their unforgettable growth experience. The vivid and exciting adventure stories narrated by YANG Yang, a science writer for children, together with the fascinating illustrations created by ZHAO Chuang, a scientific artist, built a wonderful fairy tale world for children, allowing them to enjoy adventures with Guan-guan and the T. Rex, and realize self-exploration and spiritual growth at the same time.

All five seasons and the side story of the I Have a T. Rex series have been published by Enjoy Reading Era and Qingdao Publishing House. We look forward to more exciting reading feedback from you! This series’ audio and video programs can also be listened to and watched on the mainstream platforms. Welcome to the adventure of Guan-guan and T. Rex!

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