2024·Look-Up-and-See-Joy·Chinese “Dragons,” jointly produced by PNSO and Dolphin Books, has been published and available to readers in November 2023. It is a calendar and a readable, artistic, illustrated book packed with popular science facts about ancient creatures. Its academic support and sci-art restorations come from ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang.

A myriad of multi-species ancient creatures have been unearthed in China. According to statistics, the number of dinosaur species discovered and named in China ranks first globally. But do you know what those ancient creatures looked like? How big were the legendary dinosaurs? Which dinosaurs had feathers? Which dinosaurs were covered in armor? What did pterosaur wing membranes look like? What were the wingspans of different pterosaurs? What were the marine animals of the Mesozoic Era like? … This calendar contains 200 species of ancient creatures presented by 366 scientific and artistic restorations, taking you on a tour of the world of Chinese “dragons.”

The 2024·Look-Up-and-See-Joy·Chinese “Dragons” selects 200 species from ancient creatures discovered in China. Among them are the enormous Ruyangosaurus with a body length of about 38.1 meters, the petite Nemicolopterus with a wingspan of only 25 centimeters, the Chaohusaurus that lived in the water, the Darwinopterus that soared in the sky, etc. These page-a-day ancient creatures are displayed either in the form of fossils, life images, close-ups, or panoramic restorations. This illustrated art album calendar is created through concise and precise text introduction and lifelike paintings to help readers fully understand the magical and fantastic Chinese “Dragons.” This calendar adopts a unique binding design; page-a-day will not make the pages tackless. You can choose to tear the pages off or leave them glued together.

2024 Jia-Chen, the Year of the Dragon, is coming soon. Put this book 2024·Look-Up-and-See-Joy·Chinese “Dragon” on your desktop and travel across time and space with it to explore the appearance and secrets of ancient creatures!

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