On May 7, 2019, PNSO released two new 1:35 scientific art models: Dayong the Yangchuanosaurusand Xiaobei the Chungkingosaurus, and Lucas the Giganotosaurus. Both are from its Dinosaur Museum series.

Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus and Xiaobei the Chungkingosaurus

The first piece, Dayong the Yangchuanosaurusand Xiaobei theChungkingosaurus, is about 280mm long and 100mm tall. It shows Xiaobei the Chungkingosaurus, a stegosaurian, taking a fighting stance towards the uncompromising Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus. The former is shown with its bone plates erected and filled with blood to scare the opponent.

Confronting Xiaobei, Dayong the Yangchuanosaurusis shown with its mouth open, exposing the sharp teeth. Its two forelimbs have three digits each, while Tyrannosaurus rex, the ultimate dominator of all dinosaurs, had two. The difference highlights the distinct paths of evolution adopted by the two species.

The two dinosaurs stand on a platform with the foreground covered by a thick layer of branches and leaves, featuring a Jurassic forest.

Lucas the Giganotosaurusis

The 1:35 scientific art model of Lucas the Giganotosaurusis about 370mm long and 150mm high. Lucas is shown with a giant head, sharp teeth, deadly claws, and sturdy legs; all of these are the defining elements of the species of Giganotosaurus. It stands on a platform representing Gondwana, the native land of Lucas.

The PNSO Dinosaurs Museum series now has eight products covering nine dinosaur species. These models illustrate the dinosaurs’ details according to the best scientific learning while presenting the models aesthetically using artistic expressions; they have always been favorably received in the market.

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