“Have dinosaurs really disappeared? How did dinosaurs hunt, eat and sleep? Can dinosaurs fly? Can dinosaurs swim? Can dinosaurs sing? Did the dinosaurs sleep in winter like a big black bear? How did dinosaurs make friends? Do dinosaurs have a secret weapon to protect themselves? ” About dinosaurs, the children always have wild imagination and strange problems.

Illustrated by Zhao Chuang, and written by Yang Yang, The Chinese PNSO Children’s Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs was newly published by PNSO and GUOMAI in May, 2021. Based on the hotest and latest scientific research focuses and results , and combined with the topics highly interested by the children, the six books of this series selected six different themes to explain the birth and extinction of dinosaurs, how did dinosaurs hunt, defend themselves, reproduce, and live and why did dinosaurs grow feathers, nearly covering all aspects of dinosaur survival.

With the themes of the beloved dinosaurs by children as the media, according to the way of thinking of asking questions, looking for evidence and solving problems, we do believe this series will explore with the children, help them finding answers and solve their various and strange questions.


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