On July, 30, 2021, PNSO Dinosaur Museum series launched the New Mamenchisaurus 1:45 Scientific Art Reconstruction Model. This model is a solution provided by ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang to “Creative Activities in Children’s Space,.” It includes a scientific art model and a base, a set of scientific art posters for the joint exhibition (18 pcs), drawings cards (7 pcs), exhibition labels (27 pcs), demo videos (8 episodes), and a manual (1 volume).

Beginning with Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus, PNSO Dinosaur Museum officially starts the attempt for providing the “Children’s Space Creative Activities Solution”. We hope more friends, especially children, can enter the scientific art world to create amazing stories on Earth with ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang together .

PNSO Dinosaur Museum Creative Activities in Children’s Space Solution

PNSO Dinosaur Museum Creative Activities in Children’s Space Solution: Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus Scientific Art Exhibition is part of the “PNSO New Aesthetic Education Project: Creating the Beautiful Stories on Earth with ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang together” which is facing to the children aging 6 to 12. In this solution, we provide two scientific art activities.

Activity I: PNSO Dinosaur Museum Scientific Art Exhibition of Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus: Explore a scientific art exhibition.

Activity II: PNSO Dinosaur Museum Scientific Art Exhibition of Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus: Join us in creating a scientific art exhibition.

Children participating in the activity will learn about designing an exhibition, from planning and preparation to presentation and visiting. They will also participate in the planning, design, and presentation of an exhibition.

We take exhibition, a specialized scientific art activity, as a means to integrate science and art. Children will learn about classification in biology, understand the laws of evolution, and get ideas about the differences between individuals and why the differences exist. They will be able to compare things according to logical rules, have a preliminary sense of creating characters, and eventually use artistic means in an exhibition to share they thoughts.

By taking part in the activities of the Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus exhibition, children aged 6-12 will develop readiness in science, writing, logic, practical skills, and expression to enhance their capacities in cognition, thinking, and hands-on.



Currently, the pre-order of this “PNSO Dinosaur Museum Creative Activities in Children’s Space Solution” has started in China. Owning your dinosaur museum will be a wonderful thing. We encourage more children to join us to create a museum that they own. Welcome you and your children to participate in this scientific art activity!


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