Theme: PNSO New Aesthetic Education Project | Scientific Art Exhibition

Venue: PageOne, Beijing Fun / PageOne, Wudaokou, Beijing

Time: AUG 18- SEP 18, 2021


On August 18, the Scientific Art Exhibition of “PNSO New Aesthetic Education Project” launched by PageOne and PNSO landed in PageOne bookstores.

▲ PageOne, Beijing Fun

This exhibition originates from the scientific art project of “PNSO New Aesthetic Education: Join ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang to create amazing stories on Earth.” Initiated by ZHAO Chuang, a scientific artist, and, YANG Yang, a science writer for children, PNSO New Aesthetic Education is a fascinating creative project. The scientific art activities it provided are neither the traditional science popularization activities, nor the traditional art education, but using the way of scientific art to develop the five readiness in science, writing, logic, practical skills, and expression to enhance their capacities in cognition, and hands-on of the participants aged in four groups (0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-15). By taking part in these activities, the participants can integrate with the world using the scientific art method , and build their own scientific art world through creative work.

▲ PageOne, Wudaokou, Beijing

In this exhibition, parents can enjoy these posters and models with their children, listen to audio stories or read dinosaur books, and explain the life forms presented to their children. By hanging up or placing the PNSO books, models, posters, puzzles and other products at home, you can also take this exhibition home to create your own dinosaur art world.

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