The book set I Have Known Many Marine Animals Before I Turn Three was officially published in Chinese mainland in September, 2021. This set comes from the PNSO Cognitive Games for 0-3 Year Old book series.

Why should a baby aged 0 to 3 know about marine animals? For the babies, the vast sea is always full of mysteries. They like to run on the beach washed by the sea and play in the cool water, and are also eager to know what animals live in the deep and unfathomable sea. The sea is the cradle of life on earth. In the long period of about 380 million years, it has embraced countless lives with its broad chest. Our humans ancestors came from there. When our babies want to explore all things in the sea to satisfy their curiosity, we have no reason deny them such an ocean. At this time, the sea for them to wander is not an ordinary place, but a sea spanning over 500 million years. The marine animals from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic periods appear like a scroll painting slowly unfolding in front of the babies, depicting the evolution of life on earth. In such an ocean, what they feel will not only be its vastness, but also the power of life. As they explore with curiosity, and end this journey with appreciation for life, the babies will gain a mindset and vision as vast as the sea.

This book set contains five volumes. I Have Known Many Marine Animals 1 is an interactive game manual with rich and interesting cognitive games. Each of the other four books introduces ten marine animals lived in the Paleozoic period, Early Mesozoic, Late Mesozoic, and Cenozoic. All marine animals are illustrated with scientifically accurate and cute cartoon images, which are in line with the aesthetic preference of babies aged from 0 to 3. The bilingual marine animal names allow babies to learn English or Latin vocabulary while recognizing animals. The interesting scientific cognitive games can help babies to subtly improve their cognitive abilities.


 I Have Known Many Marine Animals books will set the baby a magical journey. During this journey, the babies will transcend time and space to wander in the sea and in the evolutionary history of life. They will know what kind of animals live in the sea and understand that life is not eternal. What’s more, they can understand the origin of life and feel the power of life. Let’s look forward to meeting your babies on this fantasy journey.

I Have Known Many Dinosaurs Before I Turn Three and I Have Known Many Animals Before I Turn Three, from PNSO Cognitive Games for 0-3 Year Old series, has been published. I Have Known Many Stars Before I Turn Three and I Have Known Many Flowers Before I Turn Three will be coming soon. Please stay tuned.