On 26th, September 2022, PNSO got a new member Qingge the Therizinosaurus joined the grand dinosaur family of the PNSO Prehistoric Animal Models series. Let’s get to know it with some details.

Prototype designed by: ZHAO Chuang
Stories written by: YANG Yang

Who is Qingge the Therizinosaurus?

Qingge the Therizinosaurus was a theropod. Unlike most meat-eating theropod members, it liked to eat plants. The long and sharp claws on its forelimbs were not used to prey on small animals. They helped Therizinosaurus to reach twigs and leaves. Of course, if a terrifying carnivorous dinosaur tried to attack, Therizinosaurus would mercilessly stab the predator with its razor-sharp claws. It had soft feathers covering its body and could stand up relatively straight. Visually, it was very peculiar.

Qingge the Therizinosaurus

Model Size/19.5cm X 7cm X 15cm
Model Material/ Environment-friendly PVC, hand painting
Model Structure/Solid Structure
Package Size/24.5cm X 7.6cm X 13.5cm
Inside Package/ Model + A3 Poster + Product Manual
Transparent Support/Yes

How did ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang create Qingge the Therizinosaurus?

The Size of Qingge the Therizinosaurus

Therizinosaurus was a large-sized dinosaur. The model Qingge the Therizinosaurus was set to 10 meters to scale down when we did reconstruction. This body size was common among Therizinosaurus.

The Head of Qingge the Therizinosaurus

No skull remains of Therizinosaurus have been found so far, so we reconstruct its head based on the skull fossils of its close relatives, the Erlikosaurus. In the reconstruction, we can see it had small eyes, a beak at the front of its mouth, and its lower jaw curved slightly downwards.

The Forelimbs of Qingge the Therizinosaurus

Therizinosaurus had long and sharp claws on its forelimbs. The fossils show that they were about 75 centimeters long. And the claws still had keratinous sheaths outside when alive, so they could be 1 meter long. These claws were wide and thin.

The Hindlimbs of Qingge the Therizinosaurus

Therizinosaurus had a wide pelvis, long thighs, and short calves. It had on its feet four toes. Regarding the walking posture of Therizinosaurus, the study is still ongoing. Some footprints show that when it walked, its soles would be off the ground, whereas some other footprints show that it had its soles fully touched the ground. We adopted the view of the soles off the ground when reconstructing the model.

The Feathers of Qingge the Therizinosaurus

When restoring the feathers of Qingge the Therizinosaurus, we relied on its close relative, the Beipiaosaurus. From the model, we can tell it did not have flight feathers but primitive ones. The feathers on its neck were very short as this kind of large animal would generally dissipate the heat through the skin on the neck.

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