On April 1, 2019, PNSO officially launched a new product-Essien the Spinosaurus1:35 scientific art model, which adds to its Dinosaur Museum series.

The model of Essien is approximately 50cm long and stands on all four limbs, presenting the Spinosaurusas an aquatic or semi-aquatic prehistoric animal. The model features the dinosaur’s strong forelimbs and hind limbs; its sharp curved claws, which were ideal for fishing; and the webbed feet, which made movement in water easier. The model stands on a platform which represents a sandy bank with a dead Onchopristis on the side, showing the Spinosaurusas a fisher.

Essien is another eagerly anticipated PNSO’s 1:35 scientific art model in its Dinosaur Museum series, in addition to Doyle the Triceratops, Romario the Amargasaurus, Ron the Mosasaurus, Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus, and Wilson the Tyrannosaurus rex. The product’s details are scientifically accurate and artistically exquisite, and it has received favorable responses from the market.

Lucio the Amargasaurus 1:35 Scientific Art Model

Doyle the Triceratops 1:35 Scientific Art Model

Er-ma the Mamenchisaurus 1:35 Scientific Art Model

Ron the Mosasaurus 1:35 Scientific Art Model

Wilson the Tyrannosaurus rex 1:35 Scientific Art Model