PNSO Dinosaur Museum video program is a part of the project “PNSO New Aesthetic Education: Join ZHAO Chuang and YANG Yang to Create Amazing Stories on Earth.” This series presents the audience nearly a hundred well-known dinosaurs, which are classified by size. The program is based on the latest scientific research results and uses both science and art in producing the visual images, which include scientific art reconstruction images of dinosaurs, ecological environment, precise skeletons, and muscles, body structure details, and fossil photos, and these images are accompanied by simple text explanation. The program hopes to help children understand the originally esoteric science knowledge and feel the beauty of art!

At present, Season I “The Large Carnivorous Dinosaurs”, Season II “The Medium Carnivorous Dinosaurs” and Season III “The Small Carnivorous Dinosaurs” can be watched through the official PNSO YouTube channel! The follow-up programs of “The Large Herbivorous Dinosaurs”, “The Medium Herbivorous Dinosaurs”, and “The Small Herbivorous Dinosaurs” will be continuously updated on the official PNSO YouTube channel. Click on the channel link below to subscribe and be the first to watch the updates!

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